Life Coaching Programs & Services

Our work together can change your life.

It’s not too good to be true.

Imagine . . .

  • Waking up in the morning excited about the day – no dread. Having a good day that is really a good day
  • Reconnecting with your goals and dreams and reaching them, step by step
  • Communicating clearly with your friends and family so they know what you need
  • Having enough energy to take care of things
  • Feeling open to what is new and course-correcting with ease
  • Getting things done that are important to you
  • Changing habits that make you unhappy
  • Practicing radical self-care so you feel good

Transformation is actually most possible in times of challenge, if support is in place and you let yourself walk a path of exploration and change.

LifeAlign® Coaching Programs are offered in 3 and 6 month sessions. I offer an individualized program for everyone I work with. My intention and focus is to help you reach your highest and I am passionate about your growth, your healing, your results and your happiness.

You will benefit from our work together if . . .

  • You’re caught in ways of living that are no longer working for you
  • You’re not feeling good and it’s hard to get it sorted out
  • You want to work with someone who gets you
  • You want new ways to handle difficult situations
  • You are excited about the idea of finally getting what you need

Know yourself

Change habits that no longer support you

Create a community of support

Develop resilience and stability

Quiet your inner critic

Experience calm in the middle of chaos

Get things done with ease


Come as you are. You do not have to be ready in any particular way. Life can be very challenging and you do not have to do this alone. Coaching is not about self-improvement. Or about overcoming personal limitations. Or about winning. It’s a different conversation that I look forward to having with you.

The services offered by & LifeAlign, LLC include life and business coaching. Although Pamela Meyer is a licensed therapist in the state of California (Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist), psychotherapy services are not offered through this site. If you live in the state of California and are specifically interested in receiving therapy services, please visit and contact me directly there for information about interest and availability.

You are invited to a 20 minute Connection Call.