Business Coaching Programs & Services

Building Capacity & Resilience for Leaders

LifeAlign® Business Coaching Programs focus on personal and business challenges and solutions. I bring curiosity, compassion and creativity to our work together, with a focus on results, accountability and lasting change. I help you develop clarity, confidence and self-awareness, in addition to skills and capacity in identified areas. I have a deep understanding of business issues and use my experience and professional study in my work with you.

Coaching for Entrepreneurs

For women just getting started in their business or seasoned entrepreneurs experiencing roadblocks in achieving their vision, I use my years of experience to help you uncover barriers and find solutions to keep you moving forward. As an owner of a small business for many years, I have the skills and knowledge to be your partner in building and enjoying your successful business. With both organizational and marketing expertise, I can be helpful in getting you on track and moving forward.

Coaching for Executive Leaders

With my background working in the corporate, government and non-profit sectors, I understand the stresses that executive leadership face in managing organizations. Whether you are the CEO or a section head or in any leadership capacity, I can help guide you through the many areas of concerns, including productivity, results, accountability, work relationships issues, life-work imbalance, and others that you may face. Many have found that having a coach outside of the organization is often exactly what it takes to get a fresh look at the presenting issues and find creative and supportive paths towards resolution.

Coaching for Non-Profit Leaders & Visionaries

LifeAlign® is committed to non-profit services being delivered in a powerful, effective and compassionate way that best supports the mission, community, and team.

I was executive director of a San Francisco Bay Area human services non-profit for over a decade and know very well the challenges non-profits face to stay financially sound and true to their mission of service. As a sector that traditionally is high intensity and low paying, I have found that creating that special agency culture is key to the agency’s success. And always with a focus on equity and inclusion both within the organization and through its mission. I created just that culture at my non-profit and can help you do the same for yours.

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