About LifeAlign® & Pamela Meyer

It’s hard to believe in transformation or change, when you’re going through hell.

I’m Pamela Meyer. My path is to walk with you in the darkness, toward the light you are, and the life you want.

You know how there are times in life that seem overwhelming and unmanageable. Moments when life is really hard. You feel sad. You feel alone. You feel like you are in a fog. And the cause can seem big or little, something is happening or happened before, doesn’t matter, WTF, no comparison, this sucks.

You’re having trouble getting anything done and find that you’re attacking yourself because you can’t get anything done. I call this self-harassment. And the harassment and attacks make everything worse. And you can’t really see your way clear to stop beating yourself up.

Sometimes life looks good on the outside and there’s nothing you can exactly name about what isn’t working. You have successes. The school version of this is that you have friends, get A’s and awards. The adult version is that you have a good job and are making lots of money. And yet, you feel empty. Or you don’t know how you feel. Or your relationship is not what you expected it to be and not what you desire. It’s really challenging to say what’s on your mind and ask for what you need. If you even know.

You have a sense of wanting more, wanting to move effectively to what’s next, define your vision, and make new plans and take new actions. You want to feel happier, know yourself better, speak your truth or find true abundance. You aren’t in darkness, but you’re not reaching your highest. You aren’t taking care of yourself, really.

You know there’s something more. And you’re ready.

You Need a Pathfinder

When life is hard and seems like it is out of control or just not the way you want it to be, you need a pathfinder. You need someone who knows how to live through moments and months of WTF. Someone who understands confusion, uncertainty, grief, loss, unfinished business and unpredictability. You need to walk with someone who has found wisdom, transformation and freedom for her life through intention and commitment, and can get you there.

Sometimes, no matter what you anticipate or plan, life happens in ways you can never predict and never control. Sometimes there is amazing joy and spectacular sunsets. You fall in love, you get what we want, your business thrives and everything’s A-OK.

But then you lose a child, you get cancer or your partner gets cancer, your parents die and you struggle to find even slippery footing on a vanishing path.

All these things have happened to me, and l’ve made it through to again experience the amazingness and joy of life. You can too.

When you can’t find the path at all, you need someone to believe it is findable and walk you there.

At many times in my life, I felt lost, untethered and confused, WTF! What do I do now? And in those times I reached out and found someone who could help.

And this is how life can go sometimes. The unskillful part of my twenties, the cancer experience of my thirties, intense loss in my forties, and on. You have your version, your story, your truth. Your story is different, doesn’t matter. We all need a navigator to reach our highest, in the middle of WTF and normal life.

This is for you, if you are going through:

Major Illness
Grief & Loss from Deaths
Relationship Starting or Ending
Leaving Home for School
Leaving School and being on your own
Leaving School and being back home
Stalled Creative Efforts
Business Starts and Stops
Job Transitions
And Getting In Your Own Way, anytime

When feelings are too strong, you need someone to help you think, plan, strategize and cope. You need to walk with someone who has already been able to find her way through the darkness. My life has required compassionate courage and willingness to look fearlessly at What Is. You need someone who knows how to deal with transition, unfinished business and unpredictability. I understand these things and I can be there for you.


Dancing with the Darkness To Find Your Light

LifeAlign® helps you renew, restart and rebuild your life during challenges of all kinds. We work together to build a strategy, a plan and connection to support you in moving into what’s next. You find freedom from the past and energy for the future.

I am a life coach and consultant, trained as a coach and as a therapist. I have rebuilt my life many times over in response to loss, grief and illness, and growing up and growing older.  I understand how to help you navigate to joy and a full and satisfying life.

It is possible, and part of the deal, to dance with the darkness to find your light.

I am honored to have worked with so many people, over three decades and walked this path, and I’d love to support you, wherever you are.

You are invited to a 20 minute Connection Call.

I set aside time every week for conversations with women and men around the country and the world, who are seeking something different for themselves.

I am ready to help you build a bridge to your brighter future.

Next Steps

About Pamela Meyer

Through LifeAlign, I offer services as a life coach and business coach/consultant. I trained as a coach with New Ventures West in San Francisco in 1998, and have been providing services as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California for over 30 years.

A graduate of Stanford University, I have had experience running my own small businesses, as well as being a long-term leader of a San Francisco Bay Area human services non-profit. I love music and I swim, dance and practice yoga every day. My life and business partner is Don Blasky, LMFT, and together we have a 26 year old son, Michael Blasky, a musician currently living and working in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.

I understand the experience of living through intense challenges. I’ve been there. I am committed to your well-being and your success, in the face of whatever you are going through. I very much look forward to meeting you!