Uplifting Circles of Support for Women

Transformation is most available in times of challenge, if support is in place and you let yourself walk a path of exploration and change.

New Online 6 Week Circle of Support

Starts Tuesday August 11 at 4 pm – 90 minutes weekly

Join a welcoming confidential group including coaching,
connection and accountability

Receive the uplifting support of a structured weekly group so you can feel your best and reach your highest creative, business and life goals and dreams.

We are all going through challenges at this time, requiring our steadiness, our strength and commitment. And many women feel overwhelmed, lost, or alone, while doing their best to hold it together. That doesn’t always translate to feeling good. And many women were already going through challenges, that didn’t stop when everything around us shifted.

This is a community of wellness and self-care. You will learn practices and structure, with personal attention and holistic focus on your complete well-being. You will be supported in your life, your relationships, your health, and your business and you can expect to experience less overwhelm, more joy, more connection and more awareness as a result of joining this uplifting group.

Come as you are – you do not need to be “ready” or “prepared” to join this group. You are welcome, right now.

facilitated by
Pamela Meyer
Coach & Consultant

Guiding You to Wisdom, Transformation & Freedom So You Can Live A Life You Love, No Matter What.

Summer of Love pricing – $247 for 6 weeks, $197 if paid before August 6, 11:30 pm

Bonus – Includes one hour 1:1 session during the 6 weeks

Group is limited to 6 women so you receive lots of individual attention.


Come as you are. You do not have to be ready in any particular way. Life can be very challenging and you do not have to do this alone. Coaching is not about self-improvement. Or about overcoming personal limitations. Or about winning. It’s a different conversation that I look forward to having with you.