Frequently Asked Questions

What is a LifeAlign Connection Call?

I look forward to meeting you on the phone or zoom for 20 minutes to explore the opportunity of working together. I am available to answer any questions and to discuss the ways our work together will help you move forward and reach your goals. Thank you for taking the time to talk. I am excited to meet you and for our conversation.

How does your background as a therapist impact our work together?

My work as a professional life coach is informed by 30 years of experience as a licensed therapist. This benefits you as a coaching client because I have the skills, depth and knowledge to steadily be with you through whatever comes up through this process. My coaching clients appreciate that the therapy and spiritual foundations of my work support their experience of being fully seen and met where they are. Personal and professional change, at all ages, can bring up so many issues and surprises. I bring depth of life experience and professional work to benefit your growth and goal attainment.

I work as a coach both locally, by phone and online settings, and am able to reach people throughout the country and world in this way. If we determine that psychotherapy would additionally support your well-being and development, I can help you find a therapist or other professional that will address these needs, in coordination with our coaching work.

Note: I am licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California, and offer psychotherapy through my online practice in Marin County, San Francisco Bay Area and within the state of California, online. For questions about psychotherapy, please refer to for additional information.

What can I expect in our work together?

You will find that I have creative approaches to seemingly unsolvable problems. I have strong intuition and a clear understanding of human suffering and how people change. I listen carefully to who you are and what you want. I understand that personal change is not easy and don’t have unrealistic expectations that you should ignore important parts of you in order to reach your goals. You are welcome to come as you are, and we start there. Most importantly, I feel this journey is one that we will take together, using your personal strengths, your wisdom, and your life experience. We work together to reach your highest.

Why do you talk about unfinished business?

I have always been fascinated with the ways we hold on and let go. Unfinished business can mean so many things, but is basically the incomplete loops in our lives, loose ends that are both small and significant that zap our energy and feel hard to overcome.

These might start as relatively insignificant, such as the things that didn’t get done on a short list of things to do. Or highly important and emotionally charged – challenging conversations with friends or family, uncried tears from a major loss, large pile-ups of stuff and chaos following a life transition.

Learning to navigate unfinished business and understanding how we get stuck and then can free ourselves, can lead to new ways of living. It’s one of the useful frameworks for understanding and managing transitions skillfully. We might have organized lives, but can’t talk about feelings to those we love. We might have the chaos of stuff around us as a way of trying to manage loss, but we don’t really understand how to pull out of the pattern. We work together to find clarity and move through.

Do you offer coaching and consultation to other professionals?
Yes. I work with coaches and consultants, as well as professionals in other fields, to find solutions when you find yourself overwhelmed or stuck. I help when your clients are going through major transitions and challenges and you find you don’t have a clear road map of how to proceed. You may have run into situations that are out of your scope of practice or area of expertise, and together we strategize the best way to handle the dilemma.

You may also be running into business and entrepreneurial blocks that will benefit from strategic intervention. We can cover both areas during consultation. In addition to my expertise in this area, I have a great team of professionals with skills in all areas of business development.

Together, we explore strategies, resources and interventions so that you can continue to help people, even when their life experiences, their variety of “stuck”, or their challenging transitions are outside of your frame of reference. I hold space for you and your feelings, to help you regain clarity and confidence.

My focus is on helping you maintain a strong connection to your clients and your work, develop expertise and confidence in your capacity as a helper, and appropriately question your assumptions in order to help your clients reach their goals. I will help you expand your view of potential positive outcomes and move through obstacles in your work.

LifeAlign also offers consultation to organizations, businesses and non-profits. As a consultant, I work together with my business and life partner Don Blasky. Our work is focused on increasing compassion, emotional resonance, kindness and effectiveness within organizations and families. This work is based on our years of experience in the non-profit sector and as owners of businesses throughout our careers. We provide leadership support and help develop collaborative mindset in non-profit organizations. We help individuals seeking to enter the non-profit sector as leaders, to empower them to effectively serve and bring all their talents to their work.

Can you guarantee that I will feel better and reach my goals?

There are no guarantees in life about these things. Our work together is designed to help you and I will be committed to your well-being, your transformation, and you reaching your goals and highest aspirations. That said, it would be unethical and unprofessional to promise specific results – this is not personal to our work, this is in the nature of personal change work of all kinds.

I bring positive intention, professional training, creativity, personal experience, commitment and care to our work together. I have helped many people make changes that dramatically improve their lives, and I care about your results and outcomes.

Do you have a waiting list and can I schedule with you?

LifeAlign frequently has a waiting list for private coaching.

I make time weekly for connection calls to explore working together.

Who do you work with, in general?

We look forward to meeting you. If you found us, it’s likely there’s something here for you.

Young Adults

We are particularly interested in supporting the transition experience of young adults. If you are 18-30, in school, just starting out or recently on your own and struggling, we would love to talk with you about working together. We know that this can be a time of excitement and changes, and in our experience, a time that can bring up many conflicting feelings and states, including uncertainty, anxiety and depression. Many people have relationship challenges or communication issues at home or work. You may be seeking direction and don’t know where to turn. We are here for you.

Women in Transition

We love working to empower women who may have a glimmer of wanting a new and different life and don’t know where to start. Women working on specific life, work or relationship issues need an experienced guide.

Cancer or Other Serious Illness Patients and Survivors

We are available to you if you are dealing with cancer or other significant or chronic illnesses. You may be facing treatment challenges, lifestyle changes or relationship issues that can benefit from our working together.


We have experience working with men and women living with grief and loss. The process unfolds uniquely for everyone and holds great potential, in time, for growth and change.

Making A Difference

We are most excited to work with you, if you want to shine your light brightly, know and share who you are, and make a difference in the world. And you have stopped yourself, for whatever reason.


You are invited to a 20 minute Connection Call.