Are You in the Muck?

The lotus flower is quite beautiful. It grows out of murky and muddy waters, emerging in stunning purity and grace. It flowers because of the darkness, it flowers in and around the murkiness, and it flowers perhaps against all odds. And flowering is the way that a lotus becomes visible, dancing its way out of the darkness and muck, to shine its light.

Sometimes, at any age, life seems filled with challenges. Things which seemed stable, appear to fall apart. Some changes in our lives knock us really far off center and we lose the thread of what we expect and what we can trust. Then we lose our path.

We wonder what’s next, through the full-on “WTF” and can’t see how to get there. We are in the muck.In those moments, it’s hard to see any lotus-type-of-anythings nearby, nothing of beauty, purity or light. You had big dreams and they are fading. You had a vision and can’t remember moment to moment what you were thinking. The dark feelings come up inside and you are filled with self-judgment and self-attack. You feel lost. Sad. Unsure. Hopeless. Plus nothing makes much sense.

If you  .  .  .

  • Feel out of touch with who you are
  • Are trying to rebuild and reconnect after a major setback
  • Have lost sight of your goals and dreams
  • Feel overwhelmed with choices and decisions
  • Have lost energy for moving forward
  • Are at a crossroads and not sure where to turn

  • Or you just can’t get things done as you intend to

.  .  . Then you’ve come to the right place.


Learn to ask questions other than “WTF?!?” and stop feeling like a victim of forces outside of you. Working together, you will learn to trust yourself in making decisions and have confidence , so you are building wisdom – day by day.
“The most important thing is to find out what is the most important thing.”
– Shunryu Suzuki


Just like this flower that is pretty on the surface, there’s a whole lot of mud underneath. The fear of what’s in that muck can stop you, if you want to “keep it together” or aren’t sure you want to know. Compassion, clarity, self-acceptance and self-care lead to something new. When you know the mud you’ve been stuck in, we can create real transformation.


Do you know the cage you are living in? Do you want to be free? Stories from the past build cages in our lives. Knowing your stories releases the grief, trauma or everyday-ness of your past so you can choose another way. With guidance, you will complete unfinished business, emotional and practical, bringing freedom and bright new energy.

There is every reason for you to trust in a lighter and exciting future, even though you may not be able to see that clearly right now. There is every reason to feel hopeful, expect happiness and success and every reason to trust yourself.

If . . . you walk with someone who knows how to get you there.

After decades of working as a licensed mental health therapist, I have had the privilege of being with people in some of their darkest moments and guiding them back to their light. After decades of life, I have had intense and challenging experiences that allow me to sit steady with yours. As your coach and guide, I can help you build something solid and new, and beautiful, out of the apparent muck you find yourself in.

You may be experiencing . . .


A Life Transition

Loneliness & Isolation


Disorganization, Clutter & Practical Chaos

Confusion & Feeling Stuck

Fear or Anxiety

Cancer or Other Life-Altering Illness

Substance Use Issues & Recovery

Relationship Challenges

Broken Heart

Sadness ~ Loss

Feeling stuck & running into obstacles

Desperately wanting something different

Trying to figure out how to make real change

Trouble feeling at home wherever you are


You are definitely not alone.

You are invited to a 20 minute Connection Call.

Kindness, Compassion, Clarity, Strategy & Results


Find new ways to understand yourself & others –
what you say, what you do, how you feel.


Have important goals for your future & pathways to get there.


Feel calmer and more in touch with your thoughts & feelings.


Feel hopeful, happy, optimistic & less critical of yourself.


Complete what is unfinished. Feel your past. Live your new story.


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