About Pamela Meyer & the LifeAlign® Approach

My Story & Our Work Together

One day many years ago I was driving my son to preschool. There were young trees recently planted in the median and I was counting them – 1, 2, 3, up through about 20.  As I counted, I realized I was so lost and in so much pain that the counting served as much to steady me as it did to help him learn his numbers.

At that time, I was in the middle of grieving the stillbirth of my second son, and I felt my identity faltering from tree to tree.

So I understand what it feels like to grieve deeply and walk through some very dark woods. We all sometimes hang on by a thread. When this happens, I can help you reweave the fabric of your life and turn the thin thread into a beautiful tapestry.

I am grateful for my present-day experience. I am no longer hanging on by that single thread. The trees in the median have now grown tall, their upper branches blended together and their trunks solid and steady.

Connecting in the Darkness

It is in telling your untold stories, speaking your unspoken words and crying your uncried tears, that you can find what is next. I am here to help you take small manageable steps. Someday, you may be ready for bigger steps, but you need to start exactly where you are, and I’m here with you.

When feelings are too strong, you need someone to help you think, plan, strategize and cope. You need someone who has already been able to find their way through the darkness. My life has required compassionate courage and willingness to look fearlessly at What Is. You need someone who knows how to deal with transition, unfinished business and unpredictability. I understand these things and I can be there for you.

You Need a Pathfinder

Our lives happen in ways we can never predict and never control. Sometimes we experience amazing joy and spectacular sunsets. We fall in love, we get what we want, our businesses thrive and everything’s A-OK.

But then we lose a child, we get cancer or our partners get cancer, our parents die and we struggle to find even slippery footing on a vanishing path.

All these things have happened to me, and I’ve made it through. When you can’t find the path at all, you need someone to believe it is findable. I know it is.

The LifeAlign® Approach

Life transitions, unexpected events, intense grief — all these things happen, and they hit us each differently. Every time there is a transition, there is a possibility for chaos and unmanageable feelings to arise. From unmade beds to unspoken feelings, practical and emotional unfinished business builds up. Clearing unfinished business helps you feel better because it opens pathways to better communication, to moving forward, to being decisive and making meaningful choices. Every time there is a transition, there is the opportunity for growth and self-care.

The LifeAlign® Approach focuses on helping you rebuild and create an aligned new life after a challenging transition. We work together to build a strategy, a plan and connection that supports you in moving into what’s next. We find freedom from the past and energy for the future.

I am a life and work transitions coach and consultant who is trained as a therapist. I have rebuilt my life many times over in response to loss, grief and illness. I understand how to help you navigate back to joy and a full, not broken, life.

It is possible.

Let’s connect.

About Pamela Meyer

I offer life & work transitions coaching and consulting informed by many years of experience as a certified coach, consultant, licensed therapist, professional organizer, non-profit manager and business owner.

I am trained as a therapist and licensed as a Marriage & Family Therapist in California for over 25 years. I am certified as a coach through New Ventures West in San Francisco. I am a professional organizer, a member of National Association of Professional Organizers and a Level II Chronic Disorganization Specialist through Institute for Challenging Disorganization.

A graduate of Stanford University, I have many years’ experience starting and running businesses, as well as managing a San Francisco Bay Area human services non-profit. I love music and I swim and dance every day. I am married and have a 21 year old son, a musician living in Los Angeles.

I look forward to meeting you!

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